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Is wrestling safe?

The short answer is YES!  

The longer answer acknowledges there are risks associated with participation in any athletic activity.  While wrestling is no exception, the injury rate for wrestling is on par with other sports like soccer that parents typically do not think of as unsafe.  With a high coach and official to athlete ratio in competitions, to concussion tested mats and safety gear, to equally sized skilled practice partners, many steps are taken to help reduce the risk of injuries.

Do you offer a trial membership?

We welcome all athletes to try the sport and the club before they commit to registering for the season.  We have some loaner shoes available to help reduce the amount of up front commitment is necessary.

How does my child become a starter?

Wrestling is very different from other team sports; there are no starters in club wrestling.  Everyone has the same opportunity to compete.  Every wrestler can compete in almost any tournament.

What happens if we miss a practice?

Nothing!  Wrestling is an individual sport and missing practices only reduces your wrestler's time on the mat and opportunity to gain experience.

Are there any other fees besides registration?

Yes, you will need to purchase a USA Wrestling Card.  If you plan to wrestle out of town you may also need to purchase an AAU Wrestling Card .  These cards have an medical insurance component built into them to protect the wrestlers. 

Additionally, each individual tournament your wrestler participates in will require an entry fee when they register for a tournament.  The local tournament fees are generally less than $20. 

Each wrestler will also need one singlet and a headgear for competition. See our team store for gear options.  Other gear can be purchased online at a number of different retailers.

Do parents have to stay for practice?

No.  We understand that some parents of younger wrestlers may not be comfortable leaving during practice.  Of course any parent is welcome to stay during practice however, we strongly encourage parents to leave practice so the wrestlers can focus on wrestling. Experience has taught us that many youth wrestlers are easily distracted by the parents and quickly lose focus.   Those parents who stay will find ample space for seating in the viewing area outside the gym.

When can my wrestler compete?

Your wrestler can compete as soon as you and your wrestler feel like they are ready to compete.  It's an individual decision and every wrestler is different.

Do I need to travel?

No, you can choose to wrestle local tournaments or you can choose to travel with us and seek out some of the very best competition in TN and surrounding states.

Can wrestlers compete against teammates in a tournament?

Yes, unfortunately there are times that your wrestler may be matched against a teammate if they are in the same weightclass.    When two Wave Wrestlers are competing against each other at least one Wave coach will be matside.  It should be noted that the Wave coaches will not coach either wrestler in order to avoid the appearance of bias.

When are practices?

You can find our practice schedule here. You'll also find our current competition schedule there.  Be sure to sign up for the email at, so if there has to be a change, you'll be in the loop.

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