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Our Practices

At Wave Wrestling Club we’ve designed practices for athletes at all levels. If you want to go far, we’ll get you there. 
Look at the list below to help you get a better idea of where your wrestler will fit.


Have a little one just starting out?  Does your young athlete have an interest in wrestling?

This is the perfect practice to get him acclimated to the mat, learning some of the basic fundamental movements of wrestling.  They'll love the fun and positive environment as they get the opportunity to work out in a positive, fun, and friendly environment.  

Our coaches provide age appropriate training, allowing for fun, learning, and exercise to coexist in an invigorating way.  Don't be surprised if he is dragging you to practice every week. 



Has your wrestler been going at it for a while?  Does it feel like you've spent more hours in gyms than at home? 

This would be the level for him! Suited for experienced competition level wrestlers, these practices feature advanced techniques, intense drilling and conditioning, and prepares athletes for success in competitions across the country.  While fundamentals are important at all levels, the advanced classes are designed for those who know them and can be refined in other areas.

Coaches design a full program of techniques that build on one another, growing in complexity, each offering situational advantages.  Athletes are shown a wide variety of moves and allowed to work on and develop their own style.


Not a beginner, but not ready to hit the ground full steam ahead?  Have a little experience, but haven't mastered the basics?

Our intermediate level is designed with you in mind.  This practice covers and focuses on the basics of wrestling, emphasizing the key movements of the sport.  The intensity is higher than the beginners, but not as intense as the advanced.  

Coaches design these practices to establish fundamental competency so wrestlers have the necessary skills to develop their own effective styles.  While focusing on fundamentals, wrestlers are exposed to a few different techniques from each key wrestling position to help them establish key skills.

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